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Our Journey classes are a 2-hour duration and continue to build on each level, from Level 1 Beginner to Level 6 Advanced.

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Students advance from one level to the next after completing an 8-week cycle for each level. Our specialty classes range in duration from minutes each and each class focuses on one or two main elements, either technical pole work, floor work or dance.

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Most specialty classes are open to all levels and abilities, but some are level specific and require prior experience. We recommend that anyone who joins us at S Factor begins with an Intro Teaser class. This class will welcome you to our studio and to our unique approach to pole dancing.

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To ensure you get the most of your time with us, we recommend that you take each level of classes, from beginner to advanced, whether or not you have taken pole classes before so that you can experience our rich and exciting curriculum and philosophy. It will also introduce you to our S Factor embodiment philosophy. Retreat participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including hotel, airfare and transportation. Discounted hotel group rates are provided.

A full packing list is provided to registered participants of each retreat based on the curriculum and events planned. Bring clothes to move and dance in, activewear, and a few nice things as outlined in your packing list. We also highly recommend a large tote or small rolling suitcase to carry your wardrobe changes and necessities with you during the day. Be prepared to be gone from your room for most of the day. While we try to build in some down time, our retreat schedules are usually pretty stacked from breakfast to dinner and beyond.

Expect full days and maybe a few late nights! Prior experience is not necessary and there is no fitness level requirement for retreats. Our destination events with Sheila are focused on awakening our feminine bodies into living a free and unapologetically sensual life — mind, body, heart and soul. Most retreats are a combination of movement classes, workshops and seminar-style sessions taught by Sheila Kelley. Beginners are welcome, and women are grouped based on experience level.

No pole is necessary, and retreats are open to women of all abilities, sizes and ages. There is no nudity permitted at S Factor; however, some of our classes, including the Journey series, include instruction on peeling off layers of clothing and incorporate an authentic tease, reveal and seductive movement into your dance.

Peeling off layers is always optional. The pole is optional in many of our classes.

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We encourage you to go at your own pace and comfort level. The pole is only a part of the S Factor movement experience. There is no nudity permitted at the studios or retreats, and no filming or photography allowed during group classes, workshops and events. Please refrain from physical contact with your classmates during class. Bring some water and an open mind! You may also choose to bring a personal workout towel. The noise from the passing cars and trucks could be heard, but I was too tired to care, the distance and time had seen to that.

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