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For the most part we are raised not to be selfish and to share with friends and family members. Most parents have given a great sacrifice to rear their children usually lasting 18 plus years. That isn't being selfish. And it isn't selfish being Grandparents either. But there comes a time when one has to think outside the box.

Looking into the future when questions arise They expected their offspring to submissively sacrifice incongruent desires and wishes. Parents did not tolerate selfishness from anyone at anytime.

To Live and Die in LA

Then came the millennials, also called the me generation. The typical millennial, concerned only with his or her own happiness, pursues self satisfaction relentlessly. Strong Essays words 3 pages. The presence of greed and selfishness within Brenda, unfortunately takes a toll on the chance of a healthy relationship, and eventually foils their armour. Continuously, she denies Neil of his true identity, and slowly creates a mask for him to cover up and hide himself in shame To say that one is ignorant of selfishness would be hypocrisy.

To say that selfishness is a beneficial trait, however, would be erroneous.

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Although as humans, we lie to ourselves, selfishness can make a person behave arrogantly. Being selfish consumes us and changes us into someone we are not.

LOVE in LA (A Benefit for the victims of the Woolsey Fire)

Whether it leads to getting people killed, losing love, or abolishing families, selfishness always leads to destruction Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby]. Strong Essays words 3.

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  4. To say that it has never been experienced would be hypocrisy. Although as humans we like to lie to ourselves, it is no question that selfishness can make any person act like a fool.

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    It consumes us and makes us into someone we are not. Whether it leads to getting people killed, falling in love, or buying alcohol, selfishness always leads to destruction But is this true. Selfishness means acting in one's rational self-interest. As it was, it seemed like only a harmless smack, much less solid than the one against his back bumper. Jake considered driving past the Toyota but was afraid the traffic ahead would make it too difficult. As he pulled up against the curb a few carlengths ahead, it occurred to him that the traffic might have helped him get away too. He slammed the car door twice to make sure it was closed fully and to give himself another second more, then toured front and rear of his Buick for damage on or near the bumpers. Not an impressionable scratch even in the chrome.

    He perked up. This stood out as one of his few clearcut accomplishments over the years.

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    Before he spoke to the driver of the Toyota, whose looks he could see might present him with an added complication, he signaled to the driver of the car that hit him, still in his car and stopped behind the Toyota, and waved his hands and shook his head to let the man know there was no problem as far as he was concerned.

    The driver waved back and started his engine. Any damage to the car? He inhaled her scent like it was clean air and straightened out his less than new but not unhip clothes. You look like you must be Cuban. He fondled the wide dimple near the cracked taillight. So much seemed so unlikely, but there was always possibility.

    Not that that would matter that much to me. Jake nodded, disappointed. I just forgot it this morning.

    To Live and Die in L.A. 1985

    And I live at home. He went back around to the back of her new Toyota and looked over the damage again. There was the trunk lid, the bumper, a rear panel, a taillight.